Making of an animated Unicorn in 5 steps!

Step1: Illustrated on Procreate! drawn each part in different layers.

Step 2: Arranged layers on photoshop and exported to after effects!

Process of the onboarding screens with 3D illustrations through my thought process

Onboarding screens play an important role in UX. Onboarding screen is the first interaction between the user and the product. It can set the mood of the user’s journey on to the product and give an idea to the user what they are into.


Onboarding screen is a blank canvas (treat) for the visual designers with less text and large space for an illustration. The challenge is how the visual designer is going to balance it.

As a visual designer, I am now going to explore the challenge…

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” Da Vinci,

The biggest problem with designers is that they are never satisfied with their works; most of the time, adding more details makes a breathtaking piece into the worst one. Sometimes we decide to abandon our work for its own good!

Let’s see a small story of an illustration where I introspect on how and where to stop.

Micro animations on visual.

When I started to explore, an interesting thing happened in my brain, “ One leads to another “

When I started thinking about the word ‘Explore’, my brain conceptualised a flow: travel > places> Faroe…

I take illustration and Visual design exercises every day. Moving up the level, I decided to take challenging design exercises. Do you want to know why?

Where there is a challenge there is new learning! In the brainstorming session, a lion from the show I recently watched came to my mind. There’s my concept: LION a 3D illustration of LION. (You cannot predict your influences!)

For most of the illustrations I did, I don’t have a proper workflow. Even If you ask me to explain how I did it at the end of the process, I can’t explain. Because even…

Ganesh Gags

Visual designer

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