Process of the onboarding screens with 3D illustrations through my thought process

Onboarding screens play an important role in UX. Onboarding screen is the first interaction between the user and the product. It can set the mood of the user’s journey on to the product and give an idea to the user what they are into.

Onboarding screen is a blank canvas (treat) for the visual designers with less text and large space for an illustration. The challenge is how the visual designer is going to balance it.

As a visual designer, I am now going to explore the challenge of designing an onboarding screen. Let see how my thought process helps it!

I choose these three screens.

You can see any of these three words in any product you choose.

First, I want to make an appealing and different style contrast to the contemporary styles. Normally witness that most of the onboarding screens have simple flat illustrations with text or just text with an icon. So, I want to try differently with a minimalistic illustration holding an elegant look. Therefore, it will communicate to the user that he/she is going to get a simple and elegant interaction with the product.




Note: I got inspired from an illustration which I saw somewhere. I credit this creative attempt to that illustrator.




3D illustration

Minimalism resonates simplicity. But my goal is to add stylish and sleek look into the illustration, so here I chose 3D. It gives depth and can make an illustration look solid, stylish and sleek. Here I am trying dark mode because of the same reason to look different from usual bright onboarding


Visual designer